Get Outta My Mind

by What Prey Tell

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Take away this bane to another place.
a landfill far, way out in hyper space.
'cuz my hair is thin; i've grown old.
my comprehension has gone cold.

Didn't need it; just wanted it.
Now that i have it I want none of it.
Will the end justify the means?
Or will I drown in my past greed?

Get out of my mind, quantum physics
you go round and around and around you go.
I wish i'd never observed
of your beauty, your mystic
pandora's box.
Get outta my mind quantum physics,
before I am lost.

I'm tumbling and spinning through space.
I can't feel my face; can't find my place.
My fingers feel like giant pillars.
They tap tap tap to the beat of killers.

my body's dismembered but when I look down
I stretch for millennia and without a sound
I scream out loud, "you are deformed!"
He smiles back, & says "Have some more"

Puts me to bed, kisses me good night,
Sends me back on my redundant flight.
back to the beginning, back to the norm?
Certainly not in my previous form.

They tug and they ache and they pull away
my atoms my being, they just stretch for days
if only i could stop my centrifugal force.
will i ever reach the status of a corpse?
my body anew but rearranged.
This wasn't mentioned in the campaign.
We make that walk to the buried ship.
Icy wind blows; I nearly slip.

Bestowed to me a special sword.
How did I come to be adored?
An object of so much pretense,
and so little of it making sense.

Were they picturing her hands?
Face and torso twisted into bands.
Warped and contorted, rearranged.
Was it their plan to be deranged? DERANGED...

Before I am lost.
before I am lost.
Before I am lost.
And now I am lost.
And now I am lost.
And now I am lost!


released November 18, 2012
Amber Watson: Guitar, Vocal
Jake Bjork: Drums




What Prey Tell Brooklyn, New York

Stay tuned for our first full length new album "WELL TO HELL"!

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