The Mother Wasp

by What Prey Tell

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They said when I grow up I can be anything
(well) If I throw up, can I eat anything?
I swallowed my pride, kept it inside and regurgitate it when I sing.

I drew her down, tha mother wasp.
According to them I was very lost.
I stand rigid today, I kept it at bay but at what cost?

Mother wasp you have it,
You have the right idea.
You play it out so perfect
Justify your strength.
. . . You have it you have the right idea.
Play it out so perfect and create a life so real.

She builds her nest so meticulous.
She consumes her mate so heartless.
Mother wasp you have a hard life but I admire you.
She'll take on a beehive for the resource.
For species sake, she'll take it all by force.
You take a bad rap and all thru this crap you do what you gotta do.

She's crawling up your arm.
Your fear she smells, she stings you swell then it's farewell.

Your majesty-
Queen beast of the drudge!
Raise your goblets; don't hold no grudge!
Eat your heart out, Mr. Darwin, sir!
Only mercy is consequence to her!
Mother wasp you have it,
You have the right idea.


released November 18, 2012
Amber Watson- Guitar, Vocal
Jake Bjork - Drums




What Prey Tell Brooklyn, New York

Stay tuned for our first full length new album "WELL TO HELL"!

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